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How to make your outfits LOOK instantly more expensive

Taryn WattComment
How to make your outfits LOOK instantly more expensive

What's one of the first things you think when you see an impeccably well-dressed woman walk by? I can guarantee it's something along the lines of "she must be cashed" am I right?

While having a big bank account to fund shopping sprees, designer labels and the newest 'it' pieces certainly helps, it doesn't mean little old you and me have to be excluded from the chic click. With these few tips, you can instantly up your perceived net worth without breaking the bank. 

1. Tailoring is nonnegotiable

When a piece of clothing is ill-fitted, it instantly looks less impressive and less expensive, mostly because we perceive cheap clothes to be quickly thrown together without much thought for design. Make the cut of a garment the first thing you look for while shopping and don't settle for pieces that don't fit perfectly or can't be taken to a tailor and amended. Do a wardrobe edit of the clothes you currently own and place them in three sections: well fitting pieces, pieces that a tailor can alter and pieces that don't flatter you and therefore you should throw away. 

If you're in Brisbane, the best in the business for all your tailoring needs is PQ Fashions in Queen Street Mall. 


I hate it, you hate it, yet unfortunately it's an absolutely necessary evil. Looking like you've just rolled out of bed, already in your clothes is certainly not the way to look expensive. A lot of people will try and get away with not pressing items that don't absolutely need it, but if you want to add those extra dollar signs to your look, you'll make the effort. 

3. Be thoughtful with your accessories

Whether your look calls for a bold statement piece or subtle silver accessories, ensure you really consider every piece you put on. In fact, consider the wise words of Coco Chanel "before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one piece off". The right accessories can really take your outfit up a notch, but look for quality pieces that don't give off a cheap, tacky vibe.

4. White on white; black on black

Wearing all one colour is a chic trick that oozes money. There is just something about an all black or all white ensemble however just ensure the shades match each other, there is nothing worse than matching pure white with an off ivory. 

5. Put thought into your handbags and shoes

Your bag and shoes should be the exclamation marks to your outfit, therefore ensure they are in tip top condition. Perfectly polished shoes with no scuff marks and a pristine handbag are your key to adding an expensive looking touch to your outfit. Match your shoes and bag and ensure they both tie in well to the overall look of the ensemble. Whether they're flats or heels doesn't necessarily matter, as long as they look the (expensive) part.  

If you're really looking to add massive cash to your look, you can hire a high-end designer handbag from The Luxe Collection by L for a day, weekend or month. 


6. The finishing touches will make or break you

Even if you follow every other tip on this list, or spend big money on your outfit, if your hair, makeup and nails are not up to scratch, you won't look the part. Your hair is one of the first things people notice about you so ensure your colour is fresh and you've blow-dried or styled your hair. If going to the nail salon once a week for a manicure isn't going to fit into your schedule or budget, make use of Sally Hanson's range of no-light-gel nail polish or the fantastic range of polishes from Natio. You don't need to go full glam makeup but ensure it is fresh, neat and matches your skin tone. 

8. Finally, have it monogrammed 

This is one of my personal favourite tips for looking like a million bucks. These days monogramming isn't particularly expensive yet will always add an air of sophistication to your look. You can find beautiful, unique monogrammed phone cases from Hanogram, stunning pajamas from Jasmine and Will and lovely bags from The Daily Edited




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