Zimmermann's Resort '18 runway was the show to see and be seen at over the weekend in New York. 

Designers Nicky and Simone Zimmermann presented their Latin themed resort collection with Victoria's Secret model Romee Strijd showing off the brand's iconic aesthetic, whimsical dresses, lace and a few too many ruffles to perfection. 

Much to my delight, high-waisted swimsuits with small ruffled bikini tops are here to stay, as are the light, airy dresses we’ve come to know and love the brand for. However, make no mistake, this collection was not simply a rehash of what we’ve seen from them before. A masculine twist was a welcome and decidedly chic addition to this collection.

Scroll through a comprehensive look at the show from backstage, behind the scenes, up close and on the runway. 




All images sourced from www.zimmermannwear.com

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