With a penchant for anything magazine related, in particular Vogue, I have a long list of idols in the industry. Be they editors or designers, Diane von Furstenberg, Grace Coddington and Kristie Clements are all on the list, yet the one who tops them all is the legendary Anna Wintour. 

The iconic editor in chief of US Vogue is without a doubt a commanding leader. Her fierce personality and "just get it done" attitude has been chronicled in many a book, my favourite documentary of all time "The September Issue" (I'm not ashamed to say I watch this at least a monthly basis) and even adapted for Meryl Steep's fierce character Miranda Priestly in "The Devil Wears Prada". 

Now, ultra-fans like myself have something brand-new and exciting to look forward to, with a new insight into the relationship between Anna Wintour and Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown in the works. 

The new TV drama is based on the acclaimed book Newhouse by Thomas Maier, "All That Glitters" and will focus on the two editors’ rivalry and rise to power. 

Unfortunately the release date has not yet been announced but you can be sure I will let you know when it does.

Until then, I've collated a list of must-read books and documentaries for any fashion-devotee. 

  • The September Issue - A documentary chronicling the process of getting a record size September issue of US Vogue out the door. 
  • Grace: A Memoir - A stunning autobiography of life the absurdly talented Grace Coddington.
  • Front Row: Anna Wintour - An in-depth biography of Anna Wintour's life in exciting detail. 
  • The Woman I Wanted to Be - Incredibly interesting can't-put-it-down good autobiography from Diane von Furstenberg.
  • The Vogue Factor - Autobiography from the incredible former editor in chief of Australian Vogue Kristie Clements.
  • Saint Laurent - A movie chronicling the life of the brands namesake - bring tissues.
  • The True Cost - A must-watch! See it to realise why... 
  • Iris - Hilarious and informative.
  • Diana Vreeland -  A true icon of the industry. 
  • Dior and I - Simply a beautiful documentary! 

I've personally watched all and can't tell you how much I loved each and every one of them. The next two on my list is my current book, "Tales from the Back Row" and documentary "In Louboutin's Shoes". 



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