While I was unfortunately unable to attend this year’s Natural Fibres Fashion Parade at the Ekka, I couldn’t resist sharing a little snippet of some of the incredible designs on show.

True to style the formal and bridal pieces were firmly my favourites and I just love their choice of fabrics for a truly classic spring look.

The designers featuring in this year’s Natural Fibres Fashion Parades include White Label Noba, Daughter of the Moon, Tengdahl, Urbbana, Sticks and Stone, Pia Du Pradal, Gail Sorronda, George & King, Sacha Drake, Irma J Smith, Maiocchi, George Wu, Wil Valor, Wendy Makin and Darb Bridal Couture. In addition, four regional designers have been selected including Nikke Horrigan (Ipswich), Ella and Sunday (Sunshine Coast), Tyler Giudes (Townsville) and Alexander Kennedy (Toowoomba).

Enjoy browsing the images below shot by the wonderful Richard of RSIT Photography, who will also be capturing for me everything coming down the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival later this month!

Make sure you also follow Richard on Instagram @rsit_richard and all things Ekka fashion related at @ekkafashion.


T. xx

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